Logo_White_blueFor facilitators of the Our Whole Lives sexuality course, grades K-1 / 3-4

August 19 – 21, 2016 – hosted by the Mount Diablo UU Church.

Register: http://www.pcduua.org/register/?d=pc&fid=2052

Registration is “first come, first served.” Your registration is NOT complete until our office has received your payment.

Our Whole Lives curricula were developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association in partnership with the United Church of Christ, with the goal of providing comprehensive values-based sexuality education for every age group. This intensive weekend workshop provides the skills and training required to facilitate Our Whole Lives classes for grades K-1 / 3-4.

When?  Friday, August 19 at 5:00 PM – Sunday, August 21 at 3:30 PM

Where?  Mt. Diablo UU Church

Fee: $250 per participant until July 25, 2015, $300 until August 1st (if space is available).

(Cancelation fees, prior to July 25, 2015: $50, after July 25, 2015: $100).

If paying by check, please send it ASAP to:
Pacific Central District – UUA
4100 Redwood Road, #344
Oakland, CA 94619

Trainers: Cindy Beal, Just Peace Consulting (and former Director of Religious Education in Northampton, MA), and TBD

Registration: Chuck Rosene, crosene@uua.org

Local Host: Mr. Barb Greve: dre@mduuc.org

To Register: It is ideal if all members of the team that will be facilitating the OWL class at your congregation are trained together. Registration includes *home hospitality (if requested) and meals, but not curricula. Please enclose payment and completed registration form; confirmation and more details about the training will be provided following the deadline. PCD will not hold reservations without payment.

*Home hospitality: We make every effort to arrange home hospitality for those registering by the deadline of July 25, 2016. However, early registration and notifying the host of your needs will make it more possible to arrange home hospitality. Home hospitality will not be guaranteed with late registration. Please notify Mr. Barb Greve, the local host, at dre@mduuc.org of your travel arrangements and requirements if you need home hospitality as early as possible!

Participants must bring their own copies of the curricula, Our Whole Lives: Sexuality Education for Grades K-1 and Our Whole Lives: Sexuality Education for Grades 3-4, plus the companion books Sexuality and Our Faith for Grades K-1 or Sexuality & our Faith for Grades 3-4 and the Our Whole Lives Advocacy Manual, all available from the Unitarian Universalist Association. Please order these well in advance of the training, as participants will be expected to be familiar with them.

Still have questions?

For registration issues, contact: Chuck Rosene, crosene@uua.org

For facilities or home hospitality, contact: Mr. Barb Greve, dre@mduuc.org

Frequently Asked Questions about OWL Trainings

I’m very busy; do I really need to be at the training from Friday until Sunday afternoon?

Yes, you do. The entire time is needed to get familiar with the curricula, and to cover all the material that you need to teach Our Whole Lives. These weekend workshops can be transformative, spiritual experiences, and well worth the time!

Do I need to buy both the K-1 and 3-4 Curriculum if I’m only teaching one of the courses?

It is ideal if you have both curricula if you ever plan on teaching both courses. They are expensive, so try to borrow copies if necessary, or have your congregation purchase them.

Can I get the curriculum at the very last minute?

No, unless you can find someone to loan you copies. They take a week or two to order from the UUA bookstore, so plan ahead. You will need to be familiar with the curricula before the training.

Do I have to come with the other members of our facilitation team?

Training the entire facilitation team together is ideal, but not required.

Do you offer childcare?

This training is intense, and the hours too long to accommodate children. To participate, you will need to arrange for someone to care for your children.

Can I sign up for the training and drop out at the last minute?

There are many costs association with OWL trainings. Cancellations up to July 24, 2016 are $50.00. Cancellations after July 25, 2016 are $100.00 (food and supplies will have been ordered and or purchased by this time).

Can I participate in the training if I am not associated with a congregation?

Preference will be given to participants from the Pacific Central District who plan on teaching in congregations; however, if space is available, others may register.

Why are these trainings SO EXPENSIVE?

The training fee includes all meals, hospitality, and handouts. Your trainers attend intensive weeklong trainings in Boston and are compensated by the Pacific Central District. This compensation includes their travel expenses.