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Spring 2016 Call to support Growth in Sacramento!

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Dear PCD Chalice Lighters,

Great things are happening at the UU Society of Sacramento.

In September they dedicated a beautifully renovated and expanded sanctuary building. The project required moving to a rented Congregational church for services and RE for 13 months. Since returning home, attendance at worship and RE has grown again and is now above 300 on most Sundays, higher than before the project began. The number of newcomers has increased as well. The congregation has many new programs and activities, and the energy is high!

How they funded it: For the building project, UUSS held a capital fundraising campaign in 2012, made use of generous bequest and endowment funds, and took out a loan. Special offerings before and during the project in 2014-15 raised additional funds to bring down the debt.   In addition, members responded to creative and fun appeals to raise money for sanctuary chairs and other furnishings, window treatments, drought-tolerant landscaping, flat-screen TVs, signage, and a refillable-bottle water fountain.

What remains: The last project is for an enhancement of the audio-visual and hearing-assistance system. Along with current headphone-based Hearing Assistance Devices, a new induction-loop system will enable people with a T-coil hearing aid to “tune in” to the audio feed.   A high-power projector will enhance worship and special programs with graphics and other art. It will enable readings and lyrics to be posted on a screen for those who can’t easily hold a hymnbook.

Our Chalice Lighters gifts will enable UUSS to complete its Hearing Assistance and A/V project. Please give as generously as you are inspired and able to give. Thank you!

Yours for growth,

Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams

For the PCD Growth Committee

This is the first Chalice Lighter “call” for contributions for UU congregational growth in 2016.