Love Resisting

Led by Evan Junker

Evan Junker, Executive Director of Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministries of California, will facilitate this workshop, which will include speakers from communities most impacted by the current political situation, leaders of Unitarian Universalist congregations effectively advocating for love and justice in the public square, and practical steps for action that your congregation can take.

Restorative Strategies for Difficult Times

Led by Rev. Leslie Takahashi, Jim Lewis, and others

Many of us are seeking new ways to sustain ourselves in a world marked by increased anxiety and fear. Rev. Leslie Takahashi, Jim Lewis and others will offer a range of practices which can aid in this important aspect of resistance. This will be an interactive workshop which will allow time for reflection and an increased sense of peace and balance.

The Blessings and Opportunities of Community Building in Turbulent Times

Led by Rev. Sarah Millspaugh and Lori Emison Clair

How do we welcome individuals into a community of relevance that fosters the hope, meaning, and connection they seek? How do we create communities where people of many cultures and identities can bring their full selves, and have those full selves nurtured and supported? Further, in these turbulent political and spiritual times, with new people visiting more and more, how do we learn and change the way we do things? Come learn how integrating newcomers, new members, and long term members into your congregation is about more than just attending a membership class or signing the membership book. Join Lori Emison Clair of the UU Association of Membership Professionals and Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh of the Pacific Western Region for this lively and practical workshop.