DA2015-PCDDistrict Assembly 2015:
Walking a Faithful Path!

We had a wonderful group of Award Winners for the 2015 PCD Awards! Please take a look at the PCD Facebook page for our winners – and, while you are there, please “like” our Facebook page!

We had many requests for the transcript of our morning program, Power, Authority, and Freedom: Where our Faithful Path Leads Us, presented by Congregational Life Staff members Dr. Joshua Searle-White and Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams. Please click here for a PDF version of the transcript.

We are very grateful for all of the hard work that so many people put in to making our District Assembly a success – so here’s a big THANK YOU to the following:

The First UU Society of San Francisco for hosting this event, with special guidance and assistance from Rev. Dr. John Buehrens, Rev. Alsyon Jacks, Kerry Parker, Jonathan Silk, and Donald Johnson with Fulton Manogin, and Leland Jones.

The Worship Team

Rev. Theresa Novak, Rev. Russ Menk (UU Fellowship of Santa Cruz County), and Shawn Reifschneider (Music Director, UU’s of San Mateo), with Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams (Congregational Life Staff).

Special Thanks

to Rev. Jason Shelton, for allowing us to use his music under copyright for our services.

Workshop Presenters

Dr. Joshua Searle-White and Rev. Jeanelyse Doran Adams for our morning presentation, Rev. Nancy Bowen, Rev. John Buehrens, Rev. Cat Cox, Jared Finkelstein, Rev. Dr. Sandor Kovács, Gregory Rouillard, Rev. David Sammons, Rev. Jamil Scott, Rev. Leslie Takahashi (with Mt. Diablo UU Church Members Suzanne Llewellyn, Elizabeth Copley, Joe Schellenberg and Mary Fenelon), Arliss Ungar, and Rev. David Usher

Traci Freeman and Lilah Belle’s Restaurant and Catering.

Our San Francisco Volunteer Coordinators

Thad Smith and Mary Jane Mikuriya.

Our San Francisco Volunteers!

Amy Kelly, Carlowe Connelly, Dolores Preim, Jim Valent, Joan Rost, Kathi Malone, Larry Danos, Linda Messner, Mary Jane Mikuriya, Millie Phillips, Shirley Gibson, Stefan Harvey, Stephanie Gowan, Stephen Schwichow, Valerie Stewart (Mission Peak), Thad Smith, and Zeb Armstrong-Green. – and all those who stepped up and helped behind the scenes!